Staples Canada partners with Allstate for its new protection plans

Staples Canada partners with Allstate for its new protection plans

Staples Canada customers are now ‘In Good Hands’


Staples Canada is partnering with the insurance company Allstate to provide its customers with protection plans. The collaboration will see Staples provide users with product protection, service and support while Allstate manages the plans.

The protection plans will be available for various products, including smartphones, headphones, tablets and computers. Apart from electronics, office furniture such as filing cabinets, desks and chairs can also be covered. The plans would account for both mechanical and electrical failures as well as accidental damage.

This partnership allows Staples’ in-store associates, and Staples Preferred consumers an option for protection on their products as well as a more convenient consumer experience.

CEO of Staples Canada, David Boone, said that the decision to partner with Allstate is in an effort to “offer customers peace of mind backed by repair-first service solutions” and to extend the life of Staples customers’ products.

Staples Protection Plans by Allstate are offered at Staples Canada’s website as well as all Staples Canada locations. 

Staples Canada has also recently launched an effort to fill multiple new positions after its partnership with Bell.

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